Geschwind Lab

The Geschwind laboratory is dedicated to improve treatment and understanding of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions, focusing on autism spectrum disorders, dementia, neural repair, and inherited ataxia. Our work leverages the fields of genetics and genomics, coupled with basic neurobiology, to obtain a systems level understanding of disease. We have pioneered the application of gene expression and network methods in neurologic and psychiatric disease, working in collaboration with dozens of other laboratories to connect molecular pathways to nervous system function. Our over-arching goal is to develop new therapeutics for nervous system disorders for which disease-altering therapies are not currently available.

Plot of a module of genes co-expressed during human cortical development. These genes share a pattern of mRNA expression across cortical regions and developmental time, and are involved in transcriptional and chromatin regulation. Genes that are highly connected (hubs) are predicted to be essential to the function of the module. Highlighted here are genes known to be disrupted by highly pathogenic de novo mutations in individuals with autism, suggesting that many of these mutations affect genes essential to gene regulation at a time when neuron fate is determined in developing cortex.